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About Laboratory

Prodigident Lab - it's much more than the ultimate synergy between dentist and technician.

Prodigident Lab is a team of professionals specializing in computer-guided dental implant planning and surgical guides manufacturing.

The laboratory utilizes the latest technology on the market today. From digital scanners, to modern 3D printers to the latest software, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry allowing us to create every kind of Surgical Guide available.
Our workflows provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced digital features.

But by far the strongest point of difference is involving the laboratory in the development and integration of well-known ImplaStation software that offers unrivalled access to intuitive digital implant planning workflows and implant libraries.

We employ:
- the highest caliber of Dental Technicians who are experienced in digital dentistry since 2011;
- Practicing Surgeons who work at their hospital facilities, and to take responsibility for implant planning control and undertake;
- Biomedical Engineers, specialists accomplished in programming within 3D technology;
- Management and Marketing Specialists

Our mission at Prodigident Lab is to provide only the highest quality dental surgical guides and related components delivered in a timely fashion, with attentive customer service.
We strive to provide the perfect blend of digital technical expertise, dependable results, and relationships based on communication and feedback.

Digital dentistry with Prodigident lab is efficient, accurate and predictable.

worldwide dental implant Planning service

Our specialists

  • Valeria Savitskaya

    Valeria Savitskaya

    Account Manager

    YUNPU them. K. D. Ushinsky, Faculty of Psychology 2017-2021

  • Karina Rudaya

    Karina Rudaya

    3d Bioengineer with experience in surgical guides designing since 2018

    Odessa Medical College 2014-2017

  • Anna Zakharenko

    Anna Zakharenko

    3d Bioengineer with experience in surgical guides designing since 2017

    Odessa Medical College 2014-2017

  • Kolesnik Ivan

    Kolesnik Ivan

    Business Development Manager

    Odessa National Economics University

  • Dr. Vladimir Yatsukha

    Dr. Vladimir Yatsukha

    Surgeon, orthopedist
    Experience with surgical guides since 2009
    Head of the Excelline Clinic
    Specialist in the field of computer navigation and implantation planning systems with surgical guides
    Co-developer of Free software for Implant Planning and Surgical Guides design, ImplaStation

  • Andrii Gromov

    Andrii Gromov

    Computer-aided Implantation specialist
    Dental equipment expert
    CNC Systems Certified Engineer
    Co-developer of Free Software for Implant Planning and Surgical Guides design, ImplaStation

    Odessa National Polytechnic University

  • Dr. Valerii Golliak Ph.D.

    Dr. Valerii Golliak Ph.D.

    PhD. Surgeon

    Head of Prodigident Knowledge Center (Prodigident, USA)

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  • ImplaStation is stand-alone